Our Training Facility

Committed to the quality of our customers and their satisfaction, we have in our training facility all the appropriate infrastructure for the application of our teaching processes.

<b>100% Covered</b> Training Area 

100% Covered Training Area 

Even on rainy days, our training sessions are not interrupted, guaranteeing the quality and completion of the training within the contracted period.

Come and see our facilities... 

Hábil Trainamentos is located in the city of Serra/ES, close to the airport, hotels, restaurants and 3 minutes away from Vitória.

Air-conditioned rooms

Meeting Rooms

Audiovisual Equipment

Space for coffee break

Remote Teaching Rooms

Confined Space and Working at Heights Simulator

Complying with distancing recommendations

Preparing students to identify, analyze and understand the risks in their work environment 

Hábil Treinamentos has been preparing students for 7 years to SAFELY carry out their activities!

In such competitive times, where the companies and the employees look so much for results, sometimes the awareness of safely carrying out activities is lost. Therefore, continuous training must be valued, as we work with lives.

We understand that a complete training goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. We seek to develop values, awareness and effort to apply collective and individual safety measures. We train qualified professionals to identify, analyze and understand the risk control measures present in their work environment, avoiding accidents and work-related diseases.

These qualities must be acquired throughout the training period and that is where Hábil Treinamentos differentiates itself, preparing our students to develop their activities with quality, efficiency and ready to make correct and safe decisions.

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Certificações Our Certifications

Approved at Passaporte Industrial

Certified and registered as a Petrobras supplier nationwide

Certified in the PRODFOR Quality System

Registered at CREA/ES with technical manager for all courses taught

Approved to provide Vale RACs training

Approved by the Espírito Santo Fire Department to provide Fire Brigade training according to NT-07


Hábil Treinamentos provides several Occupational Safety trainings. With dynamism, innovation and quality, Hábil Treinamentos stands out offering the best cost-benefit for your company. Know our training portfolio.