Virtual Reality

In NR 33 (Confined Spaces) and NR 35 (Work in Heights) In-Person Trainings, we use virtual reality technology to optimize and give dynamism in learning process. With the use of Virtual Reality, combined with theoretical and practical training, we can guarantee a much more effective learning process. Know this experience!

This technology enables realistic, immersive and interactive experiences that allow improving students’ retention and understanding of the content presented in the classroom.

Use of Virtual Reality advantages in classroom:

  • Enables the student practice in Occupational Safety without putting him at risk;
  • Facilitates remote operations and remote equipment controls through simulation;
  • Allows exploration of three-dimensional objects and worlds;
  • Virtual reality is a computer simulation of natural or imaginary reality. Often, the VR user is fully or partially immersed in the environment;
  • The purpose of virtual reality is to simulate a reality that does not actually exist. It allows the user to interact with three-dimensional objects and scenarios.
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