We are Hábil

We provide training and advisory services specialized in Welfare and Workplace Safety. We seek customer satisfaction by offering quality services through good service and continuous content and didactic material evolution, seeking growth and development of the company.

Our mission is to train and develop people through training so that they can carry out their activities with safety, efficiency and quality, in addition to working every day in the company evolution to provide the best services and qualified manpower.

Our vision is to provide the best training solutions in Occupational Safety and to be, by 2025, recognized nationally for excellence in training.

Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Ethic
  • Commitment
  • Credibility
  • Customer Satisfaction
Know our Training Facility

Our history

Seven years building a success history and you are a part of it!

In 2014, Hábil Treinamentos started its activities with training classes according to Regulatory Norms. Today we attend all NRs trainings, Fire and Emergency Brigade, Defensive Driving, Vale RACs, Rescue at Heights, among others, preparing our students to act efficiently and safely.

Our training proposal, always updated, aims to develop a complete student, offering them the best teaching materials, an excellent and committed team of instructors and, at the same time, valuing safety, fundamental characteristics for safe work without accidents.

Balance between training and awareness about Occupational Safety is what build a student of Hábil Treinamentos.

Premiações Awards

2017 - 1st place in the MEC INOVA Award as the best innovation project when using Virtual Reality in SMS training.

2019 - 11th Business Highlight Award in the Training Category as the best and most remembered company in the Espírito Santo market.


Teaching Areas

We offer several training options to suit your company's needs:

In-Person Training

Come to Hábil Treinamentos or we will come to your company!

Our instructor will deliver the training in-person at our base or in-company training can be scheduled according to availability.

We attend nationwide with closed classes.

Choose In-Person Trainings

Hybrid Training

Do the theoretical part of the training through our online platform or live broadcast and the practical part in-person with our instructors! We carry out the practical part in our base and, also, in-company.

The in-person part of the training can only take place after the training is completed on the online platform, being scheduled according to our open class calendar or by closed classes.

Choose Online Courses

Remote Training

You can do the entire training through our online platform or participate in a live broadcast class, in which our instructor will be teaching in real-time!

On the online platform, training is available 24 hours a day, so you can study at the time that best suits you. By live streaming, the training is scheduled with a date and time so that all students can access the platform at the same time to participate in the training.

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Certificações Our Certifications

Approved at Passaporte Industrial

Certified and registered as a Petrobras supplier nationwide

Certified in the PRODFOR Quality System

Registered at CREA/ES with technical manager for all courses taught

Approved to provide Vale RACs training

Approved by the Espírito Santo Fire Department to provide Fire Brigade training according to NT-07